A little note to say how much we enjoyed our day at the Centre.  Everything was perfect - we had all that we needed and then some.  

Such a peaceful place for a constructive working place.  We all enjoyed the lunch which was delicious, and the items we requested for our gluten free and vegan participants received a big 'thumbs-up' - thank you, and please pass on our compliments to the catering team, they did a wonderful job for us.  

All in all we had a good day, helped along by the practical, yet very peaceful surroundings.  Thank you again and on behalf of all of us here, please extend our sincere thanks to all who helped to make our day a super one.  Kind regards - Jane - Breast Cancer Support.

Thank you so much for all your help and support leading up to and during the programme.  We all appreciated the lovely atmosphere at the centre and the wonderful staff made us feel so welcome...  - Stephanie 

I attended a 2 day Meditation Retreat  early in November this year.  It was beautifully delivered by Sr Cathryn Wiles Pickard.  The participants were presented with activities, excellent audio material for reflection, high quality hand -outs for reading and further reflection, as well as several sessions of meditation.  It took place in a warm and pleasant Lockwood  conference room with facilities, which was well equipped with comfortable chairs, sound system and data projector, though the latter was not used on that particular retreat.  The experience was most enhanced for me personally by the beauty of the garden, which we used for some activities (mindful walking).  The grounds of Mercy Spirituality Centre are like the biblical Garden of Eden – so peaceful and beautiful,  well kept and constantly  evolving, in a central Auckland suburb of Epsom, easily reached from everywhere in the city.  Some of us stayed overnight, and the accommodation was  very comfortable, private, clean and warm.  The price for the retreat and for the accommodation was very low by any standards, which makes Mercy Centre a very desirable venue to spend  quality time- out, to think and to rest.  Being there is like taking medicine or indeed antidote for the stress, pressure and fast pace we put ourselves under in our daily lives.  A very memorable time, brought back the balance  into my life.  Thank you Mercy Centre, for being there for anyone who seeks a piece of heaven on earth. (Viola Mapperson)


‘…the venue was excellent, the tea was amazing…’


'The best Gluten Free meals I've ever had anywhere. You really looked after me and I didn't feel I had to pick because I was able to eat everything.'


'Thank you so much for the Saturday Retreat Day - it was tremendously good. What a great setting - I wandered around at the intervals and enjoyed the gardens and the peace.'


'I want to thank you very much for your welcome and the stay at Mercy Centre. Being in the peaceful surroundings made a great difference for me being able to concentrate on our work. Also thanks for having rolled oats and gluten free bread. I really appreciated that.'


'I so enjoyed the contemplative weekend recently. It is such a privilege to be able to spend time at the centre, and meet with new folk.'


'Thank you, we received very positive feedback from the participants in our training programme with regard to the Mercy Centre.  We look forward to returning again in August.' (Imago Institute)


'What a memorable day we experienced with Joy! Thank you for your part in arranging it for us. It was my first visit and I was impressed with the quality of every aspect of the day-the ambience, the efficiency and the hospitality. Gratefully and with warmest good wishes...'


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