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Towards an Understanding of Life’s Transitions

In the course of our lives, there are many normal and predictable periods of transition – adolescence, early adulthood, midlife and the senior years. These are developmental transitions and every human person experiences them. However, some transitions occur around unexpected events such as serious physical illness, loss of a job, moving house, entering a rest home or the death of a loved one. These transitions are often experienced as more threatening and more disruptive for us. What does a transition feel/look like?  How do I know when I am going through a transition? What are the signs? How do I recognise God’s presence in times of transition?   What can help me to cope with times of transition?

During the two days we will consider all of the above.  There will be time for quiet, personal reflection also.


Presenter   ANNE WARREN chf

Date           Saturday, 2 & Sunday, 3 November, 10.00am-4.00pm

Fee             $130 including lunch, tea & coffee

                   $180 also including accommodation for Saturday night (limited availability)


Gods Steadfast Love Endures Forever (Part 1 of 2 talks)

Numerous Bible texts assure us God’s steadfast love is never ending and inexhaustible, but how can we be grateful when pain, sadness, anger, or a sense of God’s absence in our lives afflict our every waking moment.

Gratitude expresses deep, reciprocal appreciation for gifts received.

“The steadfast love of God never ceases; God’s mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning…”

Presenter  ALICE SINNOTT rsm

Date           Wednesday, 6 November, 10.30am-12.30pm

Fee             $15


Out of the Depths I cry to you O God (Part 2 of 2 talks)

Gratitude is often recommended by therapists as a tonic against envy, hatred, disillusionment and bitterness.

What might inspire you to be thankful for what does not benefit you personally? Might you sometime take for granted times of peace, comfort, care, and tranquillity, and not recognize God as the one who holds all creation in being?

Presenter  ALICE SINNOTT rsm

Date           Wednesday, 13 November, 10.30am-12.30pm

Fee             $15


Gratitude in the Bible

Gracious God of Israel and Jesus, Son of God

We will explore the biblical idea of “gratitude” and how it applies to our everyday life. By considering selected passages from the Bible we will connect “gratitude” with words such as grace, graciousness, and thanksgiving.


This will lead to a greater appreciation of God’s generosity towards all humankind. In this session we will be looking at some biblical texts that introduce us to the “gracious” God of Israel and Jesus, the Son of God, remembered

as God’s faithful servant. This will build up the idea of “gratitude” founded on being made in God’s image and likeness.

Presenter  Fr KEVIN WALDIE sm

Date           Thursday, 21 November, 7.00-9.00pm

Fee             $15

Dreamwork 202 Workshops

Presenter          Margaret Bowater

A series of Skill-Development Groups (3hrs each)

These workshops are open to people who have previously attended an Introductory workshop, and seek to improve their skills. Each session requires 4-6 participants, each bringing a dream for the others to work with, coached by Margaret.

Date                   Friday mornings 9.30-12.30:
                            on 22 November, 2019
Fee                     $40.00 per session (3hrs)
                           or $150 for any 4 sessions
                           (first session Friday 22 March)
                           Booking essential.

RETREAT DAY with Joy Cowley

The Other half of the Church

This retreat for women explores the difference between male and female spirituality and how the two complement each to form the wholeness of God in creation.

**Please note - Change in date from Programme Booklet**

Facilitator        JOY COWLEY

Date                Saturday, 23 November 2019
Fee                  $65
BYO lunch, tea/coffee provided.


Dreams and Visions in Our Christian Heritage

Did you know most of the Biblical patriarchs, prophets and leaders, including Jesus, from Genesis to Revelations, were guided by dreams, visions and verbal messages from God? That such guidance has continued throughout the history of the Christian Faith (and other Faiths) into the modern world? That ordinary people of faith today may hear Gods call through similar dreams and visions?  This seminar invites you to share a brief overview of the significance of different types of dreaming in Christian life and history. Please bring a Bible, your lunch and a dream of your own (if you have one) that has influenced you in taking a new direction in your life.

**Please note - Change in date from Programme Booklet**


Date           Saturday, 23 November, 9.30am-3.30pm

Fee             $95

Please bring your own lunch, tea/coffee provided.

Ignatian Contemplation for Advent 2019

with Laetitia Puthenpadath

This will be a 2hr Prayer experience in the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The participants will be guided through a contemplation to enter meaningfully into the mystery of the Annunciation. The aim is to arrive at a grateful appreciation of the cosmic significance of the Annunciation and to prepare for the birth of Jesus.

Please bring your journal and pen. It is important to be on time to safe guard against interruptions during the contemplative hour.

**Please note - New Event - not in Programme Booklet**

Date    Saturday 30 November, 2019

Fee     $20


Nativity Scenes

The idea of re-enacting the nativity of Jesus is contributed to St Francis of Assisi. For almost 800 years this tradition has been kept and has grown to include many scenes from Jesus’ life. This talk is an opportunity to learn more about an ancient Catholic tradition that has spread to many countries in the world, each time adapting with special local characteristics.


Date           Thursday, 5 December, 10.30am-12.30pm

Fee             Koha/Donation


Mandala Reflection Day

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. The mandala is ancient and universal; has occurred from the beginning of time, interwoven throughout history and across cultural lines and date back to Palaeolithic times. Today we see them in nature, religious symbols, architecture and art. This day will be a time of input, drawing our own mandala, ritual and prayer


NB You don’t have to be an artist to engage in making your own mandala!


Date           Saturday, 7 December, 9.30am-3.30pm

Fee             $60 including art materials, lunch & tea/coffee


Be still and know that I am God

Prayer in the spirit of Advent

Participants will be invited to deepen their awareness of God’s presence in their lives. Facilitation using scripture,

music and images will support periods of reflection and silent prayer.

Mary Catherwood is a Sister of Mercy living in Otautahi Christchurch. She is a team member at Rosary House Spiritual Life Centre where she facilitates retreats, prayer and spiritual awareness opportunities.  Her formation as a spiritual director was through Arrupe NZ and St Beuno’s in Wales. She has a Master of Spiritual Direction from the University of Divinity (Melbourne).

Facilitator  MARY CATHERWOOD rsm

Date           Wednesday, 11 December, 10.30am-2.30pm

Fee             $25

Please bring your own lunch, tea/coffee provided.


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