This is the house at 104 The Drive Epsom, previously called Tamataherea by its original owners, where the Brook family lived from the 1890s. In 1921 it was purchased by the Sisters of Mercy and became Holy Cross Convent. The convent housed both Sisters and boarders, and had classrooms for the children until the school was built next door. Sisters continued to teach in the school until 1995. Considerable damage was caused to the original house by a fire in 1928 when the top floor was destroyed. The house was remodelled as a one-storey building which we see today.


In 1983 it became a House of Prayer and was named Cecilia Maher House. In 1987 the Sisters began the spirituality centre and the property and grounds have been developed substantially since then. Retreats, spirituality and personal development programmes are offered with a wide variety of speakers and facilitators from both home and abroad.

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Original house at 104 The Drive, Epsom.