Spiritual Companioning


The heart of prayer is the process of noticing God’s initiatives in our lives and our reactions.  As we are able to notice God’s active presence, our lives develop in response to God’s guidance.


The primary task of a spiritual director or spiritual companion is to help another person notice how God is present in their life, and how they are responding to God.  The director or companion acts as a listening, supportive person who creates an atmosphere in which the other can look honestly at her/his relationship with God, as it is lived out in everyday experience.


Important aspects of spiritual direction or companioning include: 

  • discernment: to discuss the direction of one’s life as it develops in relationship with God

  • resources: referral to courses, reading materials, workshops, retreats

  • grounding: regular sessions which invite a remembering and awareness of the holy in daily life


The frequency of visits with a spiritual director or companion may vary with each person, and with the events in one’s life at a particular time.  Visits may be two monthly, monthly, or more frequently.


Providing spiritual direction or companioning is an important part of the work of Te Ngakau Waiora Mercy Spirituality Centre. Spiritual Directors / Spiritual Companions available.


If you would like to find someone through the Centre who could be a companion or director on your spiritual journey, please phone in confidence for more information Cathryn Wiles-Pickard rsm (09) 222 2645 or email.

"Spiritual direction is a relationship for persons who are searching for the places where... their heart's deepest desires and the world's deepest needs connect. Something is nudging them to pay more attention to who they are, where they belong, and what they do everyday. They choose a companion to explore with them the meaning of their experience of God and seek to discover where God's Spirit may be guiding them for their well being and the well being of others in the mids of their daily pleasures, challenges and transitions."

Carol J. Allen, Illinois, USA from Listen

"I explain that spiritual direction is a way to look for God in your life. It is the job of the spiritual director to listen to your story with one ear open to the Spirit of God. The director is the person who walks alongside of you on  your journey through life. We walk as companions. I walk alongside not before or behind."
Celine Burke, Oregon, USA from Listen.

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